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Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  What does volunteer mean? 
All of Pace's Point Firefighters and EMTs volunteer their time for both training and live calls.  Currently there are no paid firefighters or EMTs working for Pace's Point Volunteer Fire & Rescue, Inc.

2. Do you need volunteers?
Always! Call and leave a message, email us or come by when we're there. Our meetings are posted on our Monthly Calender page.

3. I would volunteer but I don't have any firefighting or medical skills. Could I help?
Of course! We have many duties than anyone can do. Driving trucks, supplying water or simply providing support to the other members.

4. When do you Train?
Our schedule of training is posted on our Monthly Calender page.

5. Do I need a permit to burn?
Pursuant to the Alabama Forestry Commission website, a Burn Permit is required for all forestry and agricultural burns.  In general, the permit means the burner has the manpower and equipment to control the fire and agrees to stay with the fire until it is out. Burn permits may be obtained by calling the Alabama Forestry Commission at 1-800-492-3711.  Depending upon weather conditions, all other burns may be denied or require a permit. 

6. What is a Fire District?
Pace's Point Fire district was established by Alabama Act, and voted on by individuals living in or owning property within the fire district and qualified to vote therein under Alabama law. This was done in 1995 and amended in 2005.

7. Why do I have to pay if it is volunteer?
Simply put, you cannot fight fires or provide emergency medical care without the necessary equipment and supplies which are obtainable only at a cost. These funds are partially provided by service charges you pay. Those service charges are mandated by Alabama Law. The Volunteers are the members who respond and are not compensated.

8. What is the payment and when is it due?
Raw land service fees start at $25 and goes to $100 depending on the acreage. Residential Parcels with a structure are $125 and business are $175. All parcels are charged according to set service charges. The service charge invoices are mailed in late October each year and are due and payable by January 1st of the next year.

9. Will you lien my property if I do not pay and what does that mean?
If you do not pay the required service charges a lien will be attached to the property and thereafter the service charge will be enforced by sale of the property to pay off the lien under Alabama Statute

Got a Question for PPVFD? Call or send us an email. We'll answer it!