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ISO RATING FOR Pace’s Point Volunteer Fire & Rescue District
Class 4

May 30, 2016, Pace's Point Volunteer Fire & Rescue District received notification of continuance of a Class 4 PPC rating effective on September 01, 2016.


Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO) collects and evaluates information from communities in the United States on their structure fire suppression capabilities.  They analyze the data using the Fire Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS) and then assign a Public Protection Classification (PPC) number to the community.  The surveys are conducted whenever it appears that there is a possibility of a classification change.

Due to the exemplary job of the Pace’s Point Volunteer Fire and Rescue volunteers, ISO has issued a PPC rating of 4 for the ENTIRE District which went into effect on June 1, 2011.  ISO classification is based on water availability, the number of people available on call, the training, equipment, and location of the fire stations. 
What does this mean to the Residents of Pace’s Point fire district?
The lower the ISO rating, the lower your fire insurance premiums. Classifications range from class 10 to class 1. Those areas with a class 10 rating either have no fire department or an un-rated department, and pay the highest insurance rates.

As the classification ratings change to a lower number, insurance premiums decrease. Classes below a 5 are rare. As noted, Pace’s Point enjoys a class 4 ISO rating.  By contrast, all other fire districts in Tallapoosa County are split ratings, including the paid departments.  ISO develops a split classification (for example, 5/9). Generally, the first class (Class 5 in the example) applies to properties within five road miles of a fire station and within 1,000 feet of a fire hydrant. The second class (Class 9 in the example) applies to properties within five road miles of a fire station but beyond 1,000 feet of a hydrant. ISO generally assigns Class 10 to properties beyond five road miles.  Again, Pace’s Point VFD new PPC rating of 4 is for the ENTIRE District.  Pace’s Point VFD is one of only 120 fire departments within the State of Alabama with a class 4 rating.  We are one of only 2 Volunteer Fire Departments with a Class 4. Only 63 departments have a lower rating of 3 or 2.  No Alabama departments have a class 1 rating.

How much could that be worth ?

The following comparison illustrates the value of a class four rating. A home valued at $150,000 dollars situated in a class 10 location would pay $1,358.00 annually for fire insurance, while the same home in Pace’s Point fire district would pay under $500.00.

Please be sure to contact your insurance company and advise them of this change.  Most (not all) insurance companies use the ISO rating in determining your premiums.  If your agent has questions or requires confirmation, please have them contact Pace's Point Fire & Rescue.  The phone number is 256 825-2511.  Tell your agent to leave a message and someone will call back with the required information.

We've heard positive comments from residents who have already realized a substantial savings!

Residents are urged to contact their insurance companies regarding this new rating.